Fairy Tail's Gone Hard

One warm, sunny day in a house, a girl named Lucy was trying to master the transforming spell. She always failed and was stuck with her blond hair and little blue dress.
Then one day she was about to try the spell again.First she called one of her celestial spirit friends Plue, who was a little snowman, just in case something went bad.As she said the spell she finally turned into something but not as she expected.She turned into a BLOCK OF CONCRETE!. As she tried to turn back nothing happened.She told Plue to go get Natsu and Happy , her guild team mates.
As Plue went to Natsu and Happy.He started to speak, but he only spoke in Plue language but luckily enough Natsu understood Plue, as soon as Plue said “pun pun pun” ,Natsu knew Lucy was in trouble. So he used his fire dragon slayer magic to come to Lucy quickly. As he looked around the house, all he saw was a block of concrete. Natsu had no idea where Lucy was , but then Lucy spoke very angrily “Natsu go get Mirajane and tell her to help fix this!” but all he did was laugh with his blue flying cat Happy.Soon after that Natsu carried Lucy back to the guild where Mirajane the transforming master was,Mira short for Mirajane then giggled and said “Lucy what have you done?Well now you need Natsu and Happy to get to the golden plant before sunrise or you'll be like this forever.”to Lucy in a sweet voice.Lucy had felt doubt that she would never transform back.Then suddenly
Natsu and Happy spoke up“okay we'll do it, since we have nothing else to do.”As Natsu and Happy flew Natsu up the giant mountain where the golden plant was a Giant Snow Monkey came and punched Natsu, as the monkey was the protector of the plant.As Natsu quickly vanquished him with his mighty dragon slayer magic away they grabbed the plant and flew back to the Guild.
Then Mira put the golden plant into a tea. Lucy drank it and turned back to her normal self.Then Natsu said to Happy “it was kinda funny as Lucy as a block of concrete” and Happy said to Natsu back “Aye Sir” but Lucy heard them and kicked Natsu and Happy.


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