I Had A Dream

When I was younger, I had a dream. I was going to become a doctor. My dream was to help people. I was also going to write a book, join the olympic swimming team, play soccer in the world cup and play violin in the Opera House. I had big dreams. But then I grew up. My dreams became too unrealistic for me to pursue. I stopped writing, stopped swimming, stopped playing soccer and I stopped playing the violin. But I was still going to be a doctor. Until I found out what grade I needed to become one. I found out how hard it is to become a doctor and how long it takes to get there. So I decided I’d become a nurse instead. There is nothing wrong with being a nurse. It is a great job but it wasn’t my dream. My dream was to be a doctor.

I’ll tell you why I stopped doing the things I dreamed of. I stopped swimming because when I was ten I was kicked out of my swim team. I stopped playing soccer because I had surgery on my knee and can never play again. I stopped writing because I stopped believing. And I stopped playing the violin because I stopped enjoying it, when everything else was gone. But I can’t tell you why I gave up on my dream of being a doctor. Maybe it was because it was too hard, or because I just didn’t believe anymore, or because it was a bad idea. That’s what someone said to me once. “Why would you want to pursue your dream? It’s so hard and stressful. Are you sure you’ll be able to do it? Do you really think that you could do it?” Little do people realise how much their words can tear people down. They don’t understand how hard it is when all of society is telling you to do a certain thing, be a certain person, look a certain way. So they think that on top of all that, having someone you know, tell you you can’t do it is going to help.

But now I’ve decided not to listen. I’m not going to conform to what society wants me to be, and I’m not going to listen when people tell me I can’t do it. Because I know I can. I know I’m strong enough, and I’m smart enough and I have enough courage to go out there and do what I’ve always dreamed of. I am going to be a doctor. No matter what the world says.