Back In Time

It was my dream come true! I finally finished making my boat! But it wasn’t just a boat… It was a boat that could take you back in time! It was a piece of gold to me. As I finished, I was stressed out so much! It was the afternoon, I took my boat out to the sea and went far from shore. “Where am I?” I questioned, I found out that washed up on an island. I knew it was the next day because - Ohno… My boat was wrecked… and Its not the next day… I looked at my - Wait a second, my phone is gone! Ohno! My watch is filthy, my clothes look like something a grannie would ware, so… this must be the olden days… now how would I go home? I knew I shouldn’t have taken my boat with me. I was sitting down drawing with a rock, I needed to think of a way to go back home. Just as I was about to get up, something shone in my eye! “Ouch!” I complained. “What is that?” I started walking to the bright light, What was it? It was a Lantern! “A Lantern? Does that mean a Jeanie will appear?” I was puzzled. SWOOSH! “Hello! What brings you here, young soul?” said a Jeanie. “A Jeanie? Oh yes please bring me back home!” I said. “Oh my! I can’t just do that! You first have bring me coal, sand, gold, and a piece of your hair!” I was puzzled. That many things? “Alright!” I said. I made some coal, I took a hand full of sand, I found gold, and picked a piece of my hair. “Is that all?” I complained. The Jeanie quickly jumbled up all the things I gave to him, and… He made a rainbow flying carpet! “Off you go!” Said the Jeanie. “Wait! Does that mean I have to leave you?” I said sadly. “OFF YOU GO! I SAID OFF YOU GO!” Shouted the Jeanie. A strange voice appeard… “5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. BLAST OFF!!” “NO JEANIE!!” I cried. The carpet took me back home leaving me on my bed. It’s back to 2017! Now what should I make? OH MY! I know the perfect idea!