My name is Emily. I am Madeline's imaginary friend. Madeline has an imagination the size of the Pacific ocean. Well, used to. You see, Maddie is growing and at the age of 12 most kids have grown put of imaginary friends but not her. She still asks me questions and talks to me about her crush, Aiden. Maddie has lived in Honey Hollow all her life and next month is moving to the city. I'm afraid that she might forget about me when she does move because I've seen some of the city kids that moved here, they act all grown up and their imaginations are no bigger than an ant.

The other day Madeline was doing her homework and didn't speak to me once. The next morning I woke up with no ears. I was speaking to Maddie that afternoon and when I told her I could see the horror on her face. I asked her "You won't forget me, will you?" Madeline replied "I don't know. I might grow out of you like all the other girls did so long ago. I hope not but there's nothing I can do about it. We all grow up." I could see the sadness in her eyes. "Aiden smiled at me today." She stated. She was trying to cheer herself up. Maddie did this when she felt sad, like the time Gabriella, the school bully, told Mrs. Richards, her English teacher, that she had cheated on her test when she hadn't. Madeline ended up failing English that semester and English was her favourite subject! So she thought happy thoughts. Although it never works she still tries and that's all that matters. But, I'm still fading away and there's no stopping it. I can see Madeline's sea green eyes welling up with tears as she stares at me.

Suddenly, Maddie's mum, Shannon, walks in and remarks "Oh Darling! What's wrong?" "Mum, does growing up hurt?" Madeline asked gloomily. "Well, yes Sweetie, but it is good as well!" She responded. "Mum, have you ever lost anyone?" Madeline questioned. "Yes, why?" Shannon replied. "What is it like? How did you you deal with it?" Maddie asked. Her mother answered "Madeline. Losing someone is hard, especially if they were close to you. But you have to remember that it all happened for a reason and there's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes it happens because you need to become a stronger person or because someone else needs to come into your life." "Thanks Mum." Maddie replied gratefully. "Now, Darling have you brushed your hair?" Shannon inquired. "No. Can you?" She answered. As her mother brushed her long, beach blonde hair Madeline stared at me. Except this time with excited, vibrant eyes.

So, I must fade like all other imaginary friends. At least I've had a long, happy life and maybe me leaving is a good thing. Maddie will be wiser and stronger. When Madeline's mum left she and I had one last conversation. "Emily. I'm sorry. I hope you understand that it may be a good thing that your fading." She whispered. I replied "I understand. Just promise me one thing…" "Anything." Maddie said boldly. "Promise me you'll never forget me." I requested. "Never ever." She answered. And I faded away.


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