I Am $5

"You're so flat!" mocked the coins. They were forever making me feel bad, just because I was a NOTE! Or maybe because notes are more expensive and they were jealous. (Ha ha coins)The wallet that I live in is very smelly probably because Lady (my owner) has kept the wallet in Man's jacket for 3 months! On my birthday (19/3/2001) Lady decided to go to Canberra without Man for a holiday (I used to live in Melbourne) No more smelly wallet for me! Yay!
She took me with her in her rose smelling silk handbag onto the biggest plane I have ever seen! When she was sitting down and getting ready for take-off she met Rich Snooty Man. I didn't like the look of him. Rich Snooty Man had an air of a thief around him. He asked Lady for $100! Lady said NO! Thank goodness, otherwise I would be part of that $100 and inside Rich Snooty Man's disgusting, smelly, weird and dull looking pocket! When Lady arrives at her hotel she accidentally "pays" me to the Hotel Manager. Hotel Manager spends me on disgusting toilet paper. How dare he! Toilet Paper Seller gives me as "change" to Rich Snooty Man from plane! He stuffs me into his pocket and drives home in a very fast, nice and shiny car.
When Rich Snooty Man gets home he quickly puts me into a padlocked glass case with a purple pillow inside. I wonder why? Maybe so if Lady wants to steal me back she can't? I was trapped for 1 week before someone comes over to visit Rich Snooty Man. Who would visit Rich Snooty Man? The visitor was LADY! She asked him about me! Then he raced upstairs and took me out, he handed me to Lady with an angry look. Lady looked overjoyed! Lady got back to her hotel and hugged me with all her might. I got very scrunched up and squashed. Lady must've felt sorry for me and put me through her hair straightener to get me straight again and guess what! I came out straight and looking brand new!
Then to my surprise, Lady put me in SMELLY WALLET FROM MAN'S JACKET! But there were no more mean coins (they were all spent) Instead of mean coins there were other $5 notes! Lady sprayed the inside of the wallet with lavender perfume. It smelt nice! We had a big party with dancing lollies and other fun things to do that lasted a long time. But I still hope I can get out of the wallet and have another adventure with or without Lady, I don't care. And on my "adventures" I meet new people and I love meeting new people!