Excellence Award in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

Come with me through this eerie night of wolves
Through this preposterous world may we never part
Though I will take my time, for tenderness is key
For this world is a cacophony of cruelty
The clouds in a bundle of wool overhead, the sun made of my love
The blueness for you to ride upon for endless miles above
Where Jabberwockies loom alongside eagles that fly, where I can dance with you
Majestic - The lofty trees behind vast pastures, fields with no end
A backdrop of fading colours, the patchwork of life
The highs and the lows - the darkness and light
Be the calm in my storm - be the heat in the cold
Majestic - Close your eyes, I will hold you tight
We will be together, I promise, forever
Through this majestic world, it is beautiful and cruel
Lost in thought - You and me
Let’s be majestic