Happily Ever After?

"Maddi you can't leave."
"Emma you have known this for a whole two weeks and your the first one I have told other from Katelyn," Maddi sobbed.
"But I don't want you to go."
Emma I don't want to either, the bell is going to go soon and well I can't do anything about it."
"I can't imagine life without you, living on another country," Emma whispered.
"Please Emma stop."

The bell rings and school is finished.

"Goodbye Emma," sobbed Maddi
"Please no Maddi if you love me enough you will stay, who is going to do my hair as good as you do," Emma knowing that Maddi is the best hair dresser she knew.
" You will know me by somehow probably by the best hair dresser in the world and you know it was hard enough saying goodbye to Katelyn at lunch knowing that I wouldn't see her again because she wasn't in anymore classes with me," Maddi remembered.
"Okay then I just want you to know you have been my best friend like forever and I will miss you so much and if there was a way to make you stay I would do anything," cried Emma.
"I know you would Emma and I will miss you so much and I don't know what I would do without you."
"Goodbye Emma, " Maddi cried trying to wipe the tears away.
"Goodbye Maddi," sobbed Emma.

They hugged knowing they probably wouldn't see each other for a long time. Then Maddi raced down to hop in her mum's car who was waiting while Emma hopped on the bus. Emma saw Maddi's mum car drive away hoping this was all a happily ever after story and she didn't have to move.


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