Crimson red as far as the eye can see, the hatred in the air is sharp enough
To pierce our souls and the screaming it just won't get out of my head< my ears still ring to this day.

The explosions, like tiny toxic orange particles flying through the air, the gunfire shooting down friends like ants to a magnifying glass, I am even lucky to have survived that hell hole of a bomb.

It was a perilous journey i did not falter. I clambered my way up the rocks as sharp as knives while the enemy were looking for the rest of us. It was hard but when I went back to the camp, all my friends dearest to me were lying on the floor with their motionless bodies with no expression what so ever, but at that moment I knew I had to flee.

When I stopped running i could only see the enemy as the size of ants. Only then I knew I was safe. I just wish all my fallen comrades would be here with me, i just hope they enjoy their lives in their next life and i hope they don't have to go through this again.

I just wish i got to see my family again before they took me too.