Rainy Days

The rain would run down, punching the ground, with a splattery sploshedy hank.
It would fly, far from the sky, where the sky was brimming with grey.
The rain struck the ground, yelping happiness as it finally met its friends.
The water skidded across the ground, in puddles with helping hands.
The water was cold shivering in fact, we couldn't play with the rain.
As we saw the wet drops of water, slide down the window pane.
The trees would yelp for happiness, as it was such a cool day.
While all the other plants, would grow and grow for days.
The fluorescent drops catch a ride, as cars drive along the roads
While hitting and skidding across the water, came flashing light blows.
Rain can do more than just this, but that is it for today.


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