I Don't Believe In Magical Creatures

Magical creatures are no doubt a complete fairy tale made for children such as me to think that mermaids crawl the depths of the ocean or fairies flutter around in the garden. But not a single word of if it is true. It is ridiculous that grown-ups actually think we would believe in their silly stories. But they didn't trick me, not a bit. The reason I don't believe in childish stories is that there is absolutely no logic or science leading to something such trolls, ogre’s or fairies. I mean there has been very few claims of mythical creatures but no evidence whatsoever.
By the way my name is Hannah Attsott and this story starts at Loters cove, when I recalled seeing a shiny something in our run down yard. I live with my father and a small, grey kitten, Tina. Now this shiny something I ignored completely because it was probably just a wet leaf. But I kept seeing it day after day but I kept on ignoring it when I should of been interested. After days of glancing at it my curiosity got the better of me to go and have a look. The grass was wet and slippery with wild flowers sprouting in every possible place. As it had been raining my sneakers made a watery kind of ‘sluge’ every time I took even a tiny step. I picked the small object up and cradled it in my hands as if it a precious gem. To be fair it did look a heck of a lot like a gem. I ‘sluged’ back into the house examining it trying to figure out what exactly this small gem was. I swung my door open still looking at the gem and collapsed on my bed. I was getting dreary trying keep my eyes open to just have one more look at the gem.
I was floating, flying in the soft wind. Floating over hills and trees with a person that seemed familiar but I couldn't put my finger on. They had beautiful feathery wings flapping with a firm rhythm through the air. It was a glorious feeling, just floating like you can do anything you want. I was soaring, but falling, into what seemed a huge gaping hole, into darkness…….
I sat up. Was tangled in my dirty bed sheets panting like I had just run a marathon. I glanced at the gem and snachted it off my bedside table. It made me feel safe, nobody can hurt me. But out of the very corner of my eye I spied another shiny object. But this did not ignore it. It was calling to me, soft voice speaking “Hannah, Hannah!” I slowly followed the sound the voice. The glittery spark was in my wardrobe. I cupped it in my hands when I realised it was squirming like a beetle. I unfurled my hands and it was a fairy. A beautiful glittering fairy. It had transparent wings with bright orange, gorgeous.