One morning in a secret village, there lived lot's of Flower fairies and lot's of Light
fairies, but only one Water fairy. The Water fairy named Ella, was sad. All the other Fairies were happy. Ella had no friends, Ella wished she had a friend just like her. So one morning she decided to run away from the secret fairy village.

While Ella was flying through the forrest she saw a bear, the bear saw Ella and he tried
to eat her. Ella flew as fast as she could to the top of a tree. What Ella didn't know, was there in the tree was another secret fairy village. Ella went inside the village and meet a boy fairy called Eric he was handsome and blue just like Ella, he was a Water fairy.

Ella knew straight away she liked him, Eric took her through the village to meet all the other fairies, Ella didn't know but this village was full of water fairies just like her. Ella felt happy for the first time in her life. Ella decided to stay in the village, she made a beautiful friend called Ava, and married Eric, and they lived happily ever after with all the other Water fairies.

The End