Name Of The Book

One day a boy went in the woods and he found a book but it didn’t have a name so he read it and he still couldn’t find out what it was about, so he went and asked a girl if she knew what the book was about. “Hello there” he said but she didn’t say anything back. He was trying to think what he could do.but one night when he went to bed he heard a sound at the camp site and it was a girl that was the girl he went and asked her if she had seen this book before she said yes.
“Could u help me find out what the name if it is?” she said “yes of cuse i have seen it onces in the book room but it got old so some guy took it and he came to the book room and went to return it but it fell on he’s way over there so he went to look for it but he coudent find it. But you found it lets read it together and see if we know what it is about man it is a hard book i can’t figer it out” the girl said “i can’t either” the boy said “let’s go and ask the guy who had it i know were he lives follow me” . here we are at the end of the woods was a smell house” here is ur book sir this is my book i lossed im so glad to have it back lets go return it to the book room so kids might want to read it but first we have to clean it” . we have cleaned it now lets go follow me where did you find it?” he said to the boy. The boy said “i was walking and it was in on the grass and i said i will read it to find out what the name was do you know what it is called?” “yes it is call its called the lost car its a rerally old book its from the 9012 . so lets go im happy to return it here we are in the book room “hello there here is the lost car book my little friend finded it in the woods well thank you so much the kids will love this “. its time for me to go home now its nice to meet you so the girl and boy went home and thats how this stroy was about .


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