M&M's Hide

One sunny morning the M&M’S were awake by Jack and his happy, bushy dog Max. They were playing catch near the front yard when suddenly he kicked the ball on the garage and he broke it. His dad was furious with Jack because it would take so much money to fix it. Jack’s dad had no choice but to ground him for two weeks. Inside the kitchen, it was like a pig sty because Jack’s mum was trying to find a snack to eat, but she just couldn’t find anything. Suddenly the M&M’S heard a noise coming from outside, they had to get out of there before Jack’s mum found them. They ran out of the pantry and went inside this very hot thing. They didn’t know that it was an oven but they suddenly realised it was an oven when their colour started to melt and go on to the tray.
So they had to get out of there and hide somewhere else and then the green M&M said, “We should go to the boy’s room because no one is in there and he was in the living room.”
AS they ran across the hallway, for some reason the heater was on and a gust of wind carried them. When they got to Jack’s room there was an underwear on the handle and they all smashed into a balloon. After the M&M’S got on, they were floating in mid-air. They saw lots of pictures of the same girl.
Orange M&M said, “I think this is the boy's mum.”
Red M&M said, “Ya think.”
Blue M&M said, “That's nasty.”
Red M&M’ said, “Let's just get out of here too.”
So they jumped on the slinky and the slinky pushed them up onto the laundry basket and there was a laundry tunnel.
After a while the orange M&M was like, “Should we go in there?”
And then the red M&M kicked the orange M&M in and when he was falling, he said, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
And then they all jumped in. A While later they were falling. It was dark and smelly in there. When they reached the end of the tunnel,
Yellow M&M said, “This place is cool.”
Red M&M said, “It’s a laundry you dumb dumb, it’s stinky as.”
After a few mins, Jack was coming to the laundry.
They heard that he was coming and the blue M&M was like, “These people are so busy they go to every room, every second.”
And then suddenly they saw the garage and the M&M’S saw Jack and he said, “Cool, what are you guys” and the M&M’S said, “We are M&M’S.”
”We saw that broken thing there, can we fix it? Yes we can if we work together.”
“Nice job guys, do you want to help me through life and we’ll will be BFFs?” The end