I Do Not Like The Ocean

One sunny day a boy named Arthur went to the beach. He did not like the beach, not at all, not one little bit. But he liked searching for shells.
One day he asked his Dad, “What’s this shell?” His Dad said, “I do not know?” So they went home and searched it up online. “Oh it’s a purple and blue shell,” Dad said. “But there is no purple or blue on it,” said Arthur, “It’s only white and brown.” His Dad said, “Every shell has a different name and this one’s name is purple and blue, even though it’s white and brown.” Arthur went to bed and thought about what his Dad said.
The next day he went to the beach again and picked up a green and blue shell. Even though its name was green and blue, it was a cream colour.
Then he went for a little swim, but he still did not like the water. He went home to have some lunch and for lunch, they had a sandwich. He was thinking if he liked the beach or not. Then he said, “Now I will like the beach because I can find pretty shells.” The end