Finalist in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

In 1999, two girls called Lacey and Lilly got invited to a secret agency called Spectrum. On their first day, they met a girl their age called Emrace. Gradually, they became a group. The older they got, the harder the missions became. It wasn’t until they were 21; there was one mission, which they thought was impossible.
“Lacey, Lilly, Emrace. I need you to complete a mission from boss.” Lacey was listening to a hologram message that their boss had sent them.
“We have another mission.”
“Coming!” called Lilly and Emrace. When they sat down, Lacey played the second half of the message.
“There is a new villain that I need you to defeat. Her name is Zarla. She is slowly beginning to delete things from our life. Like ink isn’t on earth anymore. Good luck agents.” Emrace sent a holospeach back. A holospeach is a hologram with a message. She said that they would try. They jumped into the portal and typed in Spectrum. In a millisecond, they were at their bosses’ office.
“Go to down town in Dusken, Zarla was last sighted there. Use your gadgets and powers to win.”
“Ok boss.” Bosses’ real name has never been known. They have two community powers, and one unique power. Everyone has shape-shifting and invisibility. Lacey’s unique is speed, Lilly’s is force field and Emrace’s is technology. They arrived at Dusken. Zarla greeted the girls. In her hand, she held the power gems that keeps Spectrum running.
“Looking for something?” crackled Zarla.
“Yeah! For you!” said a scared Emrace. The girls have never met a villain as bad and crucial as Zarla.
“Of course you are, because I have Spectrum's power gems? Or their best agents?” the s of agents set off a trap. A cage plummeted down capturing the girls. Zarla skipped away cackling. Emrace put her head through the gaps in the bars.
“It has a code. I guess I could crack it.” She managed to stick her arm through. Emrace put in the numbers 7997. The door opened.
“Easy. Zarla loves things in reverse, and she hopped 7 times and stepped 9 times when she walked away, so easy!” They sprinted to Spectrum. As they guessed, Zarla was standing in front of Boss.
“Give Spectrum to me or else!”
“Then say goodbye to your beloved agents.”
“That isn’t possible.” Zarla turned around to see Lacey, Lilly and Emrace standing in the doorway. Lilly moved her hands in a circle motion around themselves. A transparent pink bubble appeared around them and Boss. Zarla tried to stick her hands through them but it stopped at the bubble. Lacey ran around Zarla. Zarla kept watching, and then fell to the ground dizzy. Emrace programmed her transporter to Pluto and zapped Zarla. She disappeared.
“Great job agents.” Said Boss. “You defeated Zarla.”
“Thanks Boss.” chorused the girls and turned to leave.
“You are now grade A” added in Boss.” And best agents.” And that is the Spectrum story.