Ned Kelly At Stringybark Creek

The traps campfire filled the air with smoke, the wind swayed through the trees, and the sound of the traps altogether whistled like a song. Mclntyre and Lonigan, had set off for a big search for the treacherous Kelly gang, they headed off through the wet ground of Stringybark creek and the forest of gums, on their tall, fast horses. They set tents up and stayed the night. The fresh smell of trees and water was like a running stream. The two traps lit alight a huge fire that night at sunset to hopefully reel the outlaws in like a lure to a fish.

As Ned and his brother crept through the stringybark trees, the only thing Ned could think about was his mum in jail with her the baby and her sister being bashed by a police officer at their small unstable hut. They saw there were two traps at camp, they started to plan what they would do. The traps were preparing their dinner. The traps were completely unsure that they were going to meet their doom.

Ned and his brother appeared out of the trees like a ghost they surprised Mclntyre and Lonigan at camp and held them up until the shootout began. Ned yelled, “BAIL UP!”

Mclntyre surrendered, he threw his hands in the air, but Lonigan fired at Ned so…..
Ned took aim, Lonigan dived behind a log, Suddenly Ned had shot Lonigan straight through the eye, “Christ I have been shot,” Lonigan bellowed after he had been shot.
Lonigan was killed. The smell of gunpowder filled the atmosphere. It wasn't over yet. Blood flooded the ground, from bullets reaching the skin of Lonigan.

The only thing they heard was guns firing and traps yelling. Ned couldn't stop thinking about his mum and sister.

“Where's the revolvers,” Ned boomed. “Where , Where!”
Mclntyre replied, “In the tents.”
“Hold him up as I search him, I will also search every part of the tent,” Ned announced to his brother.
Kennedy and Scanlan rode up on their horses to help Mclntyre.

Scanlan carried his rifle and slewed his horse around to gallop away, but it was not quick enough. By the time he was on the well trained horse he started to fire at Ned with his rifle because he did not get far enough away from Ned. Ned fired back, and shot Scanlan down to the ground falling off his horse, and blood running from his wound of the shot.

Before more shootouts began Mclntyre was hoping Lonigans horse was going to come out and show itself behind the tall green trees. The slick horse with its white coat of furs as hidden from Ned and Dan. In seconds it walked out of the trees and Mcnltyre ran towards it, jumped on it and took off.

It was all on Kennedy, Ned had all their guns. Kennedy was shot! Mclntyre was in trouble. Ned knew what was coming Mclntyre’s way.