Kira woke up in the middle of the night. She sat up in bed and stared out of the window. The forest bristled, darker than ever.
It was here.
The thought sent adrenaline gushing through her veins.
It would be tonight.

Kira quietly stepped onto the wooden floor. She had slept in her clothes, a thin, green dress and braided leather belt. She slipped on her sheepskin boots. The wool was soft and warm.

Kira crept out into the main hut. The embers still glowed in the hearth. She ran out into the yard, through the gate and into the forest.

A low growl echoed off the trees.
"N-Nebula?" Kira whispered. Two glowing, yellow eyes evolved through the forest. Another low growl.

"i'm here," Kira said softly, as gently as a scared kitten. That was all she was, compared to the Moon Wolf, even though she was strong, stronger than even her father.

"Where is the Key?" Nebula screeched, her massive, silver body twisting into the crouched, attack position.
"I wear it around my neck," Kira said.
"Give it to me, or I'll slit that neck!" nebula roared.
Kira slowly unchained the Key and handed it to the devillish she-wolf.
Nebula disappeared, and the trees started dripping blood.

Kira suddenly woke up in her bed. It was morning, and the only clues to last night was that her hand was covered in dry blood, and the Key was missing.

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