BOOM! There's a crash which My brother caused because he was on his mobile phone It's a three car collision. Now I'm getting a fine off the police for using my mobile phone and now to top it off I have to pay for the damage of the cars because I have no insurance.

NOOOOO!!!!!! It just get worse by the second. I now have to buy them new cars because the cars can't be repaired due to the amount of damage. there's an Audi that I crashed into with a Kia and a Toyota. All which I have to pay for because I lost control of my vehicle.

So you shouldn't use your mobile phone while driving because it's distracting, lacks your vision to the concentration of the road and it, also attracts unwanted attention, it also takes at least one hand off the steering wheel and it delays your reaction time if there's an emergency.

That is why you shouldn't use your mobile phone while driving.