Hansel + Gretel 2

Once upon a time there lived a family who were very poor and one day they ran out of food and the evil stepdad (Craig) kicked the family out into the forest surviving on berries.

On Bailey’s birthday he had a cake that he made himself and he made a wish and it came true.He wished for a gingerbread house and it appeared and the four of them went inside but in the bedroom was a witch and suddenly she woke up and spotted them and caught them.So she put them in a correctional centre where Craig was destined to be.Well that wasn’t smart because everybody likes gingerbread jails and they started eating their way out and eventually got out.they put the cackly ,old,cruel witch into the holy water and she became a good,nice and a loving mother.

They all became friends but unfortunately she died soon after and they lived sadly for the rest of their lives.