Tar Zan


So my first day, at a new school, in a new town, at a new place, in this school I hope that I don't get the same reception as I got at from my last school. Well I wouldn't call it bullying but definitely being mean about my name my name, it was all around the city that is why I left my last school.

Because the teachers always asks what is your name, then I say Tar. By the way my teacher's name is Mrs Taylor and she is the worst teacher, I am already 1 Day in and I can tell you she is terrible. Then Mrs Taylor asks what is your last name, okay now I am sweating and worried, Mrs Taylor asks can you tell us your last name. So I tell her and the class my last name Zan, Mrs Taylor is like Tar Zan, I am like yep and in three seconds I am going to get laughed at 3,2 and I couldn't even get to the last second that's how quickly and loud they really were I couldn't speak and I am thinking oh no!

That was the start to the day, no one talked to me until recess which sucked big time, I tried to make friends like Harry Osborn. He is also a character from a movie so he was in the same situation as me, but he just said hello, then just left me by myself. I tried to talk with some other new kids but they didn't like my name so they started running away saying he is a freak from the jungle RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That didn't work, now I am left with talking to the crazy group at the lunch room this could get nasty but let's see how I get on. That was a creepy chat, those guys aren't my friends, I sit in the corner waiting for someone that wants to be my friend, then this guy comes up to me and says hey I like your name do you want to play with me.

This guy is the weirdest person in the world, however at this stage I wasn't one to be picky with my friends. He played with me then we became friends the problem is he isn't in my class he just knows my name from everyone else in my class. My new friend Henry and I played handball all lunch and I was actually enjoying myself then I heard the ring of death, the lunch bell. I had to head back to class, I decided to try to hide in the corner and do my work, this worked for the rest of the afternoon and I was able to make it through the first day. I made it home after my first day, and mum asked how was my day? I said, yeah OK but thought to myself if it wasn't for Henry it would have been terrible, I hope I am ready for tomorrow.