Kata And The Demon King

Kata and the Demon King

There once was a young boy who would feel the pain that others would never have to endure. His name was Kata. he was only 5 years old when his parents and village were destroyed by the demon king`s army. Everyone ran in fear, but Kata cleverly sneaked out of the village while he watched his friends and everyone he loved die. He was the only survivor who managed to escape to a nearby town. When Kata told them the news, they all felt sorry for him and all the townsfolk looked after him for the next 15 years.
When Kata turned 20 years old, he made an announcement to the townspeople that he was going on a journey to find the great wizard who lived in the forest of white dreams. he wanted the wizard to train him, so he could fight against the demon king and killing him with his own hands for what had been done to his family all those years ago. So he packed up his things and started on his journey.
When Kata could see the forest of white dreams in the distance, he met a young man who was the same age as him. This young man, Kenda, also wanted to kill the demon king because a demon had killed his brother when he was a boy. He had just finished his training as a kendo master. The two young men decided to journey together, so they could fight the demon king who had stolen so much from both of them.
The next day the two boys found the great wizard and he gave Kata a potion to instantly make him the greatest wizard of all time. So the wizard did. The wizard spent a week training Kata to use his new powers.
The Kata used his magic to teleport himself and Kenda to the demon kings bedroom. There they found an old man claiming he was the demon king, but the boy`s didn`t believe him. Kenda used his skill to join the old man to the ground and suddenly he transformed into a giant demon. The demon threw off Kenda easily. Then Kata sent a lightning bolt into him and he died. Kata had killed the demon king. With all the destruction all the demons on the planet were also killed. Kata had gotten his revenge for what had happened to him and his new found friend. Kata and Kenda were rewarded for their efforts, And their land was set free from the demons forever.



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