Dark To Light

The bright and joyful Moon illuminates the hard, depressed concrete floor the Owls speaking to each other with the Moon on their feather coat.

The Stars running around having fun also as they glow brightly on the wolfs fur coats with the cheering wolfs seeing who can howl the loudest

With the wind flying by the moon knew his time is nearly up he wondered where he was going next he really liked where he was

Just as he stopped thinking he realised it was time to move on now it is time for Sunrise

When the Sun goes up the wolfs and Owls go to sleep the Sun can see children waking up she is exited to see what the children are doing today since it is Sunday

The exited and loving Grass loves the children running around on her she loves growing plants and trees she is always smiling and joyful

Just as the birds fly into the tree a storm came out of no where the Sun got blocked and got discussed very quickly with clouds ruining her day

hours after the clouds where gone and so was the day as well now the Sun has set and the Moon has risen the children was exited for the day to come