the wind blew through me as if it were a ghost. chills go up my spine making me feel uneasy. my hands were glistening with sweat tightly holding the sword as i rigidly walked towards the cave. the forest was dark and scary but i had to be brave. i heard the screams of horror and hoped i wasn't to late. there he was big and scary sitting with his ear flopped inside out. it was the dragon. i heard his thunderous roar and the little girl whimpered and screamed in the corner. i had to do something so i quickly ran up with full speed and threw my sword. the dragon chased after it wagging his tale. i grabbed the girl and hugged her. without realizing the dragon came back panting like there was no tomorrow. we both screamed and he pushed us down the dark abyss. it felt like forever until we landed on the soft rug of the floor in out loundroom. we were sent into a thunderous roar of laughter with waffles looking at us as if we were aliens. he just sat there with the fake sword in his mouth that he retrieved again. he wanted to play again, so did daisy and so did i. it was always fun to play make belief with daisy.