“C’mon Olivia!” Sophia looked back at me and continued straight on her path. She screamed out once more, “Try and catch up!” DOOF! “Owww!” Sophia yelped. “Again Sophia?!” The frustrated teacher exclaimed. I quickly race over to the dilemma. The teacher continued, “You are constantly bumping into everyone. You need to pay more attention to the world around you.” The teacher grumbled, walking away. Sophia was visibly upset. “Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll always be here for you.” I reassured her once more, “And just remember, tomorrow is your birthday, big girl eight!” Sophia’s gloomy look soon returned cheerful. “I guess you’re right!” She grinned at me. We had been together for so long now that I always knew how to make her feel better.

The next day, there was much hurrying and preparing to do for Sophia’s birthday celebration. I was really excited for Sophia but tried to stay out of the way so she wouldn’t get distracted, knowing we would be able to play together like always later in the day. Minute by minute, hour by hour, I waited patiently, until I had a chance to talk to her. “Hey Sophia!” I said excitedly, closing the door silently behind me. “Oh hey Olivia! I’m glad to see you! Sorry, I’ve been so busy playing with my friends and now its nearly time for the cake!” She yelled, rushing past me, opening the door and in her excitement, letting it slam shut. That was the moment. “Playing with your friends? Aren’t I your friend? Don’t you have time for me?” I thought sadly.

The next few hours of that lonely day flew by. The next day begun and hopefully, everything was back to normal. “Hi Sophia!” I said nervously in the morning at school, running towards her. “Oh hi again Olivia, sorry for yesterday and I’m saying sorry for today, because I have my own friends now. I don’t have to be imagining you anymore. Bye Olivia,” Sophia, with a flick of her short ponytail, pushed past me and disappeared from sight. “Own friends? IMAGINING ME?” I say out loud, although only Sophia and myself can hear of course. I storm up to her friends whilst they play happily. “Sophia... Hey, SOPHIA!” I scream angrily, trying to control my rage. “I know you know I’m here Sophia!!” No reply. Suddenly, I knew she wasn’t just ignoring me.

I had faded... I am faded. A figment of no one’s imagination. I spend my days wandering, alone and lost. I don’t belong anywhere. Everywhere I go, I seem to be reminded of that one face that needed me for so long. I just wanted to say my last goodbye. I find Sophia once more who’s now much older and whisper, “Oh Sophia, how you loved me”...
A little girl playing nearby looks up at me, smiles and asks, “Are you talking to me?”


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