A Better Home

“SAM!!! The rubbish bin is full!!!” Danny yelled suddenly from the couch.

Danny is our foster father and once he made Will cry when he yelled at him. We don’t like Danny, especially when he yells. I wish Mum and Dad were still here. I miss them so much.

I took the rubbish out and ran back up to my bedroom in the attic. I lay my head on my pillow and thought about Mum and Dad. Whenever I think about them I feel so upset that I could just bawl my eyes out, but not this time, as I heard a kind of crashing and banging sound outside.

I went to the window to see what it was.

I saw two big blue wings flashing outside in the moonlight. I was curious, so I opened the window to see if it would fly away. But it just sat on the window ledge, muttering something to me that I couldn’t understand.

It was a flashy blue dragon, about the size of my cat, Moon.

I said “Hello” sternly.

“Oh, sorry! I did not see you there. You gave me quite a shock!” it replied.

“Where did you come from?” I asked him.

“I come from the snowy south, where all the dragons live, of course!”

I’d never seen a real dragon before, I’d only seen them in stories. “I thought dragons were a myth” I said.

“Us blue dragons get sent to children that are treated badly. Like you and Will” said the dragon. “I’m here to help you with any of your problems. Nobody else can see me except you and Will.”

“I have a favor to ask.” I said. “Could you help us find a better foster home? Danny is no good for Will and me. He teaches Will bad habits and makes me do ALL the work around the house.” I suggested that we should go to the foster office tomorrow and see.

The blue dragon replied: “I’ve already got it all sorted out! You guys are heading off tomorrow to Townsville. You will really like this new home. The lady is very nice. Her name is Lucy. She has a child of her own. He is around the same age as you! She has a dragon as well, a green house dragon who does all the housework by magic, so you and Will won’t have to do any!”

“It is going to be great!”


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