Hanging On The Edge

The princess screamed as tears were pouring down her face and smudging her over made up face of make-up. Her fingers were slipping off the precipice that led down to the depths of the dark water below.
“Help my prince….. help! I’m too young to die!” she screeched. The princes’ nails were at least 4 centimetres of length painted a horrifying pink that practically would blind anyone with their colour.
The precipice was so steep that nobody could see the side of it from any angle of possible degree. If any man would (unfortunately) come along all he would hear would be: “I want my mummy!”
“My hair is ruined so get me out of here!” from the princess.
Prince Mannequin paraded in his castled sucking on peeled grapes and melted Ferrero Rochers in his mouth with great pleasure not knowing that his spoiled princess was on the other side of his castle hanging off a cliff about to die (and break nail). He definitely did not know she was screeching at the top of her lungs for a bath of goat’s milk heated to exactly 39 degrees while her enormous frilly pink skirt bounced in the wind like a giant pink parachute from Princess Peach in Mario Cart.
“Ahem Sir,” Gordon the butler whispered with great secrecy as if a spy mission was about to be performed. “Why don’t you save the princess?”
His furry eyebrows knitted together like caterpillars caught in a knitting needle.
“Save her from what?” demanded the confused Prince Mannequin who didn’t quite seem engaged in the situation with interest.
“Maybe you should see for yourself,” Gordon explained pointing his long bony finger at the window then stalking off to help the Cook finish the Prince’s supper.
The prince cautiously approached the window but could see nothing. (Gordon probably pushed the princess off the precipice because she was being a brat and knew nobody would see or notice her).
Then from nowhere the next day Gordon appeared and snarled, “Your Highness I need to show you something.”
Prince Mannequin was shown the precipice but before he could see what was happening Gordon shoved him to the precipice and is now hanging with the princess screaming for luxurious comforts.
They are still hanging there.
It serves them both right…..


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