Rain gushes outside my window as I cower underneath my blankets. My pastel blue room, warm and cosy. The rain grew heavier, I grew sleepier; falling into deep sleep. As I snuggle into my blanket, thunder struck. Jolting me awake, but not to the extent of my bed shaking. I sigh and began the process of falling into sleep once again. The rain soon enough passed, and I had not fallen into sleep.
I sat up, pull back my curtain windows and looked out into the cloudy, dark night sky. I set my chin on my window ledge and looked at the city below. Sometimes I wish, that I could see the stars without light pollution. What do they really look like here? I see a flash of white move past my window quite fast. What? I haven’t gotten any sleep yet, I must be hallucinating. I sighed and kept looking at the window hoping to find some tiredness. The sky in front of me darkened. It must be raining again soon.
A soft sigh escapes past my lips as I watched the stars soon disappear from my sights again. I decide to lie back down to fall into sleep. I close my eyes and begin to relax. I hear a small knock on my window, thinking it was just the harsh wind I let it be.
The moon light shone through the window, dimly lighting my room up. I open my eyes, looking around my room. I cannot seem to sleep.
I sit up and move back to my window. I open pull open my white curtains to be greeted with a human figure sitting on my window ledge. A small scream leaves my lips as I stare into the back of the figure.
I pinch my cheek in efforts to grasp reality, it hurts. I move quietly to open my window to check if I am really hallucinating. I move the latch up, and gently open my window, hoping that it won’t make a sound. My breath hitches as I open the window almost fully.

I move my window into position just as it squeaks. I stop breathing and look up.
My eyes widen in shock as I stare into brown eyes. I scramble to get my phone and turn on the flashlight, directing it. A boy. I look at him; blue hair, curly bob cut, a vertically striped navy blue and white shirt. He looks like a sailor.
He smiles and at me, “Hello.” My mouth hangs open in shock.
“Am I hallucinating?” I ask myself out loud. I hear a deep giggle, “No you’re not, I’m real.”
“I haven’t gotten any sleep yet.” I laugh the nervousness off. The boy gets up and takes my hand.
“Let’s go!” he exclaims. “Where?!” I ask.

“Down!” The boy runs to the window pulling me along and jumps out. I scream all the way down.
He laughs, why may you ask? Because we were flying in mid-air.


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