Lachlan's Diary

Tuesday the 19th of December
This place is like a jail! Honestly, I wish my aunty had NEVER won the lottery. Before getting to her new place in Beverly Hills, I though GREAT…Christmas holidays riding around in limos. But no….not even close! I mean, the exotic food was bad enough, but every second of the day I have to be at a lesson! It’s nice and all that my aunty wants me to develop talents but some time to myself would be nice!

Thursday the 21st of December
Ok… I told my aunt that I don’t want to do lessons anymore, but guess what she said? “NO”. Its like she wants to ruin my holiday! Why didn’t I choose to go to holiday camp?

Wednesday the 27th of December
Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I have been very busy! We had to go and visit some old fogies in a nursing home. Then my aunty fell down the stairs and nearly broke her neck! So I have to do everything for her! Maybe limos aren’t really worth it after all….

Friday the 29th of December
Ok…CODE RED! Guess who is downstairs? The old ladies from the nursing home! And they want me to come and knit scarves with them…scarves!! Really?

Sunday the 31st of December
Finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! We are going to a theme park! And guess what? My aunty even bought me a V.I.P pass, so no queues the whole day! She is calling me, so I have to go!
Monday the 1st of January
The theme park was a bust! She wouldn’t even let me go on any good rides because apparently that’s how people die! She wouldn’t let me have any lollies because she says they rot your teeth, so she packed sandwiches…salad sandwiches…Blah! Oh no!, my aunt wants me to come and rub her feet! Apparently she has bunions! KILL ME NOW! Bye!

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