Nader Funding His Story

One day, there was a kingdom in Australia in the forest. There lived a shoe maker and his son Nader and they were poor. Nader played near the shop with his pet bird.

When Nader was ten years old, his father passed away. Nader's mother was worried, and Nader said: "I will work in the shop and earn some money to feed me and you, Mother."

Nader loved writing, so he worked in the day and wrote at night time. One day, he read the news and there was an ad that read: ARE YOU POOR? Yes, thought Nader. DO YOU LOVE WRITING? Yes. IF YOU WRITE A STORY AND YOU WIN YOU WILL GET $2000 AND A PS4, SO START WRITING. Nader thought and thought, and he wrote three pages and handed them in but they said it was like another story so he just ripped it up and went back to work. Nader made so many shoes so he didn't have to make any more shoes until two months after.

Nader went home and told his mother what happened with him. His mother said: "You have to go on a journey to the USA and you will find your story there." Nader thought, how am I going to find the story in the USA? He thought and thought for a long time and he didn't know what to do.

He went home and he said to his mother, "What do you want now? I'm going to find my story in the USA." She said, "You just said it! Your story!" Nader thought, what am I going to do in the USA. I can go fishing or swimming in the pool. He packed his clothes and on the 2/1/17 he went to the USA on a boat. It took him five days.

On the first day, he went shopping and got a fishing rod and some tools for fishing. On the next day, Nader had to look for a place where he can go fishing. But Nader was so far from the water so he had to move. On the next day, in the morning he went fishing and caught a snapper and a shark, and then he went back home.

Nader said: "Mother, I am back from the USA." She asked, "What did you do?" Nader said, "I went to the shops and fishing." Funnily, Nader found his story, and won the $2000 and PS4. The end.

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