Hannah's Life

Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Hannah she was super smart and her parents were super proud of her because she would get A's on her report all the time and all the other kids would be so jealous because she would get A's and they would probably only get one A or get none. Hannah's parents would teach her every afternoon after school and that was how she got super smart and then would know everything that they were learning about in her year group so she was ahead of all the other students so the teachers put her up a year level. Her mother and father had to try as hard as they could to not make her fail and then she would have to go back down to year 6. Hannah had a maths test she got her test results back and Hannah had got the scores down and said to her mother and father she got 15% and 1/30 her mother and father got so angry she had to go down to year 6. Her mother and father got so angry and stopped teaching her after school everyday and she got to and play with her friends until she was in year7 her parents started teaching her again. Hannah would always look out the window when every she was getting teach by her parents and it was lots of fun but she was sad some days when she had a look at all the kids playing outside and thought you know what mum , dad I don't want to get teach by you two because I would like to go and play with my friends. Hannah's mum and dad understood what she was saying and they stopped teaching her and she went and played with her friends like she always wanted to do. So she went to school the next day her teacher Miss Fedele said so your parents have stopped teaching you and then at Recess she got a message from her mum "saying we are sorry for keeping you in the house until bedtime" and Hannah text her mum back "saying it is okay". Hannah gets home and her parents say yes you can go and be with your friends and be careful of cars if you are playing on the road and be home before 5:oopm. Hannah comes home at 4:59pm and her parents had just made tea and she had dinner and a shower. Hannah gets to go to bed at 9:00pm and then she gets to watch television and then goes to bed but she likes it. Hannah says bye to her parents and then goes to school and then she gets to class and then her fit bit vibrates and asks Miss Fedele if she can go and get her waterbottle .


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