Kayla The Beast

I ran, my legs aching and lungs burning. I wanted to stop, but I knew that if I did it would be the end for me. The sound of the raging beast was still audible, seeming to get closer every second. I had to make it back or else my family would suffer. The village was in sight but the beast was getting closer. I had to lose the beast or my village would be trampled. I veered to the side hoping to confuse the beast but I knew, deep down that I would have to resort to my sword. As I drew my slim sword the beast sat down, and looked at me. I was confused, the beast had gone from raging to relaxed, as if it knew me.

Using this moment of safety, I ran as fast as I could back home, ignoring the stares I seemed to be receiving, to find my mum tending to my sister Mietta, who had the flu, everyone had caught it from a beast that had come into the village.
“Kayla, your finally home. We thought you had died out there. Did you bring the herbs? Your sister got worse.” My mum asked.
“Yes, they are right here.” I replied reaching for my bag.
Handing them to her I asked “Will the herbs make Mietta better?”
Without the herbs Mietta would die, slowly.
“Kayla, why have you grown a tail and fur?” I looked at myself and realise what she said was true, I had grown fur and a tail.
“What!” I cried.
“You almost look like one of those overprotective beast things.” Mum commented.

I sprinted back to the forest, to find the beast still sitting there. “Why do I look like you now?!” I whined.
To my surprise it replied, and I could understand it. “Don’t you know that you are beast Kayla?” The beast told me, a hint of curiosity in his voice.
“What! No, I’m not, your lying, I know it.” I called, running away.

On the way in someone raised the beast alarm and the gates closed, shutting me out. I tried to scramble up the walls but what seemed to be claws failed me leaving me with no option but to return to the beast and give in to the truth, I had to leave my family behind, and accept that I was a beast and nothing could change that. I began the slow boring walk back to the beast.
“I knew you would come back Kayla because really you are a beast and you have finally recognised that you are, and nothing can change you.” The beast said.
“They shut me out, so I came here to begin a new life, as a beast.” I replied
“Good choice.” He said joyfully.


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