A Bit Of Hair Goes A Long Way

"Hey Mum could I ask you a question?” I asked.
“Yes, Sweetie go ahead” Said Mum.
Ok I was wondering if I could do the World’s Greatest Shave?"
“Really Aimee, what made you think of doing this?” Mum said
“I saw it on TV that you can shave your head to raise money for cancer research” I said
“You sure can shave your head and it would be a really brave thing to do at your age.
Why don’t we do some research to see how we go about you doing it?" Mum said
We set my goal for $2,500 but so many people sponsored me that I was able to raise $15,000.
The day came and I watched my beautiful long curls fall to the floor into a mound like a soft brown birds nest.
The sound of clippers had never made me feel so nervous as it did today.
I had already said goodbye to my long hair and in just a few short glides across my scalp I would have no hair.
Although all of my hair was gone I felt proud that by doing this small act I had been able to raise so much money for cancer research.
Having slept on it I came to the realization that it was going to take a very long time for my hair to grow back but that was Ok because I had done a good deed.
I arrived at school Monday morning feeling grateful that it was the middle of winter and I could wear a beanie.
"OK class hats and beanies off" said Miss Jones
"Can I leave my beanie on today Miss Jones please" I said
"No Aimee one rule for all take your beanie off please." Miss Jones replied
As my hand reached up and the beanie slipped away from my bald scalp the stares and whispers increased to a ruckus laughter.
Miss Jones called for the class to settle and the laughter stopped but the ridicule did not.
My hair grew slowly and for many months after I was called a boy even when I wore a dress for my uniform.
On the first day, back to school after the holidays Miss Jones announced the name of a new student who would now be attending our school.

"Welcome Lucy Robertson." said Miss Jones
Lucy and I became friends that day we seem to have a special bond that neither of us could really understand until it was Lucy's turn to present a short story to the class.
I always felt supported by her when the other kids teased and tormented me about my short hair.
Lucy told the story that only 5 years ago she had been diagnosed with Leukemia and that she was finally free of cancer because she had been in remission for 5 years and attributed her survival to the fundraising done by the Leukemia Foundation.
At the end of Lucy’s story, she looked at me, smiled and said "Thank-you."


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