Ladys Best Friend

Hi my name is Sam. I live in England 55 Alivia Street. I am a Hip Hop dancer. I have a lady in my Street, that lady has a suspicious Best Best Friend. It is a dragon, it takes up half of the back yard. Every morning I look out my window and it is not something messing with my head. I open the window and say Dragon are you a dragon? I think to myself that I'm going to die. I can feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I say with a scared voice. Will you kill me dragon? What are you doing here? He dragon said that I am the only one who can see him. I am your dragon Angle, WHAT I say really me Sam yes you no this is all a dream. I will rub my eyes and wake up NO NO NOOOOO. The whole time it was a dream. I jump of my window sil and ran to my mum, she thinks I am bonkers. I remember the dragon said I was the only one who could see him.
The next morning I go into the roof and the dragon says I will take you to dragon land. Just hop on my back he said with a very deep voice. OK I say I will. On my way I say "all this time I have been needing to know your name."my name is Francy Look we we are almost there we duck down and head there. The sign on the door says Dragon only, I point this out to Francy. We had to turn around and go back home.
Mum was so worried about me. Mum asked me where i have been. I said I was witht eh dragon. She said what a Dragon, don't be silly SAM. Go to your room NOW. Ok where it was but the dragon was still there. I opened my window and ask Francy why my mum can't see him. He was very sorry but only I was able to see him. The dragon begin to cry as it was time for him to leave he was getting old. With tears running down my face ans i say bye to Francy forever.
Not every story has a happy ending like this one THE END. :(

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