The Evening Song

Finalist in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

I have just learned a new piece of song called 'Evening Song'. Jessica, my piano teacher, said that this piece is not easy for young learners because it has to be played really gently and softly.
Last night at my usual piano practising time, I was having trouble to hit the keyboards softly. I recalled that Jessica had showed me how to play a soft piece while thinking of a quiet scene. I decided to give it a try.
I closed my eyes to imagine: there, under the silky moonlight, was a beautiful little pond; the water in the pond was crystal clear; the frogs sitting by the pond were enjoying the moonlight and occasionally croaking; the evening breeze was whooshing through the air ever so gently...everything was quiet and soft, except my nose suddenly touched something that was not soft at all! I opened my eyes only to see black and white, and my head was leaning against the piano keyboards! The scene I imagined was so peaceful that I fell asleep!
The Evening Song is beautiful and graceful, but next time maybe I should play it during daytime, so I won't fall into sleep again.

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