Mars- Our Future

Earth is annihilated, people are in turmoil,
Her resources are depleted and all is but detrimental soil.
The environment deceased and the animals are few,
Earth itself is a sickening brown hue.
But wait! Our existence is no longer in vain,
A neighbouring planet is found, it will alleviate our pain.
Fortunately it is just over fifty-four million kilometres away.
A planet of crimson, we’ll arrive there someday.
Mars, a scarlet cherry. Mars sunsets are blue.
The iron oxide provides its russet hue.
In Summer Mars is a mere twenty degrees.
But visiting in Winter, you'll surely freeze.
Despite our efforts and fancy technology,
Life on Mars is still a fantasy.
If we work together; set aside our differences and past,
Mars is in grasp, we will reach her at last.