Land Runer

Land runner

The people who lives in the castle are aggressive.they will kill any stranger that comes near the castle.each week they all go to hunt or see if there is any intruders.they live in a little house but inside there is a is a law. When they are adults they measure 2 m 50.

A person named Land Runner has blue hair blue eyes and black skin. Took all his guns and open the door that door hides the tank.

He jumped on it and driving across the mountains and valleys until his thanks stop, it was out of fuel. He walked and found the was a paradise because he didn't know what all who was the guardian. The Gajan was a dragon it was like a snake in the water it jumped out and roared. It was runner was so scared that he stopped moving.

The animal was family so invited him to his house. Land runner was not sure to trust him or not. The dragon was very happy.they started swimming in the lake at the bottom there was a lot of gold that laid the for several of years.they had a cup of tea.

When he got on his feet the ground sheet in the water he could see a lot of sheets that were coming right at him. It was the guardian and his family Landrunner ran for his life they caught up in ate him with anger.

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