Nancy Who Is Cold

Excellence Award in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

I know a girl who is eternally cold,
She was born this way if truth be told.
She has a place where she will always stay,
And in this place she will forever lay.
This girl has a sister, a brother and a pet,
But these are siblings that she has never met.
Now and then she gets caught in the rain,
But rain, hail or shine she feels no pain.
Through every bright day and every dark night,
Her eyes remain closed without any sight.
Her hands do not move and her legs do not wriggle,
Her nose does not even twitch when she when she feels a tickle.
This girl has a name one so wonderful and fancy,
This girl who is cold is no other than Nancy.
Now you might be wondering why Nancy is cold,
Well it's because she has never lived and will never get old.

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