James Potter Where It All Began

James was a not so normal boy, and at first glance you’d know it! He wore a robe and had a long thin stick which he carried everywhere as if it was magical. The thing is, it was magical and he was a wizard and a ruddy good one you’d say if you knew him.
”Bye” said his mum and dad as he hopped on the Hogwarts Express forcing his bag on with all his might. After he was on the train he sat in a compartment and said hello to the boy who was in who was in there with him “Hello I’m James Potter” James said. “Hi I’m Sirius Black” the boy said looking up and smiling at James. “Would you like some sweets?” said Sirius, and James looked as if he might have exploded with happiness if he had been any more happy. “Thanks” said James barely distinguishable because of his great big smile. So while sharing tongue toffees, every flavour beans and all the other exotic magical sweets, they discussed serious matters like” How do you think Hogwarts will be?” or “I’ve heard Slytherin’s the worst house” and were having fun until someone unwelcome came into their compartment his face splitting into a smirk.
“Having fun Potter?” Snape said his sneer widening to the edges of his crooked face. James had met him before and he had hoped he’d never have to again, but Sirius hadn’t met him and he said “what’s your problem man? “but Snape ignored what Sirius had said and spat “would you be a smart boy and give me your sweets?” Sirius replied, “because you were rude enough to ask, no you won’t be getting any” said Sirius starting to take a great dislike to this unwelcome intruder. “Sorry but I’m hungry” Snape said and he stole their lollies and ran away. ”That little gitt” said Sirius, writhing with anger as they got off the train but when they saw the castle it was impossible to speak, they were dumbstruck.
Their eyes must be deceiving them, the castle was larger than the greatest ever built by man. But their eyes weren’t deceiving them and they would have to get used to it because in a flash they were inside and there were more important matters to be attended to like getting sorted. Sirius and James got into Gryffindor, while Snape to Slytherin. Then an old wizard with a crooked nose, as if it had broken at least twice, and a beard so long that it touched the ground. All people with magical parents knew he was, Albus Dumbledore the greatest wizard ever. Then Dumbledore said “eat” and food magically appeared on everyone’s plate. “Beautiful” Sirius and James gasped as they dug in and then it hit them “Let's steal Snape’s stuff” said James excitedly. “We’ll do it tonight” said Sirius mysteriously. ”What are you talking about?” said a prefect. “Nothing” they hastily said together giving each other mischievous looks and giggling quietly.


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