A New Land

I stood, looking out my window. I wondered what I should do.
“Mildred!” a voice called from downstairs. It was my governess.
“Coming Miss Plum!”I said and ran down the stairs, trying not to make too much noise for my mother was sick.
“There you are girl, where have you been?” she said annoyed.
“Just sitting.” I said in reply. Just then the doctor raced into the room.
“It…it it’s your mother, she….” The doctor trailed off. Instantly I knew what she meant. I raced into the room, it was musty and dark. I saw a pale figure in the dim light. I ran over hoping it wasn’t true! I leant against the numb
body of my mother crying an ocean. After a bit, Ms Plum took me out of the room.
Two months on from that catastrophic day, food and money were scarce and the time came when Ms Plum had to go. But before she left she told me I had enough money to pay for a ship to Australia where my only living relative, Uncle Henry lived. I accepted the proposal instantly!
I stared at the ships in the harbor as Ms Plum rode me to the docks.
“I shan’t like leaving you as you were always so awfully kind,” I said over and over again. We came to the dock. Plenty of people were already inside the ship. Once I was on the deck I felt woozy, but I knew that I would have to deal with that for the next month or so.
It has now been three weeks since I saw land and I have a friend too, her name is Rosy. Her parents didn’t want her anymore, so they sent her to Australia. On the ship the food is great and the punishments are sensible. But Rosy and I couldn’t help wishing that we were nearly there.
It has been another 3 weeks and we are nearly there. One afternoon we were interrupted by a shriek of excitement we jumped back in shock and ran towards the sound. In the distance we saw land, it was Australia and we were here! I could hardly wait. We ran across the deck and then whoosh I on my bottom with grazed knee tears sprang and Rosie ran to comfort me. That night I slept painfully.
The next day we were loaded out of the boat and rowed ashore. We stayed in little tents to wait for our families. My knee healed well. Rosy was the first to go.
“I shall miss you awfully, Mildred!” she said, tears springing to her eyes and with a hug and a kiss, she was gone. Uncle Henry didn’t come till the next day. He took my hand and introduced himself before leading me to a cottage. We sat down to a splendid supper, and then I was sent to bed thinking everything was worthwhile for I could tell I had a bright future.