Early Flight

Excellence Award in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

I woke up one morning, looking for the clock. I looked down under me where my bed was supposed to be. I realized that I was floating in midair! "Mum? Dad? Anyone?!" I hollered through the weird mist. I walked on thin air and looked for a sign of life, or anything. My teeth were chattering due to the cold winds. "Where am I meant to be?" I said to myself. I touched my head, relieved that I still existed. My hands were trembling in the blank space. Just as I was going to drop to the floor and sob, a big wind blew me off the ground. I looked behind me to see what was going on and unbelievably, I saw a 2D stick person flying through the air screaming uncontrollably. Another stick person was riding a bike, his eyes squinting. It looked like he was trying to control the wind with his stick arms; I think he thought Star Wars was real. I flew through hundreds of 2D stick people waving for help. I banged my head on something, maybe nothing. My head was spinning and all I wanted was my bed!
After that, I did not know what happened. The next thing I remembered was that strange blurry stick people were carrying me on a hospital bed. The stick people were calling for help and they kept saying long sentences that I did not understand. I bolted right up. Off the bed, I went and I ran through the crowd. I looked back and saw stick people chasing after me. I looked straight and ran. I did not know why but somehow I thought that this whole thing was a dream. I kept on running until I fell off a cliff. Suddenly a huge tornado blew against my face. I screamed and found myself lying on a pile of graphite (pencil lead).
For some reason, I started crying. It was as if I ruined my own creation. I decided to use the pencil lead to redraw the whole thing that I just saw. I drew the cities, the rivers, cars, trees, birds, and last of all, stick people! Finally, I heard honking of cars, birds tweeting and most importantly of all, myself... Wait, where am I supposed to be exactly? Why am I drawing in the middle of a test? Please wake up, me! I beg me! "Zahra! Zahra!" Said a high-pitched impatient voice. "What, who is that?", "Zahra! WAKE UP!" hurried the voice again.
"BANG!" I saw my Maths teacher, Miss Skreechly above me. My friends crowded over me. My chair flipped over me. I got up casually and pulled my seat upright. "Quickly, we mustn't miss our flight!" Mum reached for the luggage and showed me the International Departure gate. Oh no, why was I dreaming about having an exam!
The End.



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