A Snow Leopard's Life

Merit in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

Bang, bang, bang! I quickly awake to the sound of gunshots and I run for my hopeless life, away from my home which I have known for so long.
I continued running and on the way I see a cramped cave to hide in. I skid to a stop to hide in the cramped space.
The shooting was no more, I looked back and there were five conservationists trying to stop the merciless poachers from shooting any more. "Hey, you are not allowed to shoot an endangered animal such as a snow leopard. I am calling the police," said the ranger."Fine," and the men were off. I knew they would end up in jail. I must find a new home and more food for the last time I fed was three days ago. The moment I started looking for food I spotted the plumpest ibex I had ever seen, he was the perfect target.
I approached the ibex with caution then I pounced, the ibex tried to scram but I made the final move and I clamped my jaws around my preys' neck and it passed away.
I dragged to a place that would be perfect to live in.
Bang! Bang! More gun shots, this time it wasn't aimed at me, it was aimed at an ibex with broad horns. The ibex dropped to the ground and it was dead.
I growl in anger and pounce on the poacher. I knock the metal shooty thing from his hand and throw him away from me. Now I hope that that will show that now no one will hunt wild snow leopards.


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