Facing Mountains

“Dream big dreams, don’t settle for less – strive for more”
I once burned with the blood-amber flames of passion
Striving to be greater than great, and trample life's mountains
Many have turned to me with mockery in their cold barren eyes
“Good for you,” they say with a smile, a sneer, and a giggle
I felt it, the absence of ambition among their midst
Their eyes doubted me; deemed me foolish as I yearn for the wind
Little did they know success wasn’t enough to quench my passion
“I’ll prove you wrong” muttering as I shout my battle cry
Days turned to weeks, into months, years, into eons with no end
My knuckles were bloodied; my hands calloused with perseverance
But the mountain was too steep; I fell before I could climb
Yet I believed it wasn’t over, this was only the first mountain
Stand up – there are more than mountains to face
“Good for you,” they say, forcing me to give up all my efforts
Shut up, these mountains and rivers won’t overcome themselves


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