As I awoke, there was a huge box sitting next to my bed it looked so old, there must be something huge in there. I was curious so I started opening it but all I found was a necklace with a blue gem at the end of it. This was totally another one of my sister’s pranks but that's when I noticed a note in the box. It read…

This necklace you found
Has very powerful magic
Used kindly you will succeed
Used selfishly it will harm

What I load of rubbish but it will look good with my outfit so I put it on and out of nowhere I saw a vision about this place called Lana were everyone gets along and Lana is ruled by two queens one called Shimmer and one called Thetra.

Thetra was always the creative one who loved to make things for her parents, but Shimmer always
made things that seemed much better then what she made. She got so cross she wanted to
banish her sister to a faraway place but instead her magic spell hit a mirror and she got sent to the faraway place.

Suddenly the vision stopped and I appeared in Lana. I was so surprised. I just realized that the jewel on my necklace took me here it really is magic I got to try this out ice I yelled but nothing happened. I might need I bit of help, maybe I can ask Shimmer because she is the Queen of course. but how I wondered will I get to the castle? Suddenly I appeared at the castle!

I opened the door and there she was Shimmer the Queen of Lana.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes” I found this necklace…”

“and now your here” she interrupted,

“I sent you here because of my sister I want you to get her out of the prison land”

“Bbbbb” I muttered,

“Get going” she said, “Oh, let me guess you need magic lessons”

“Yyyy yes” I muttered

“Well let's get started”

The next day I had learnt 18000 spells so I headed of on the long journey. I went through forests and grasslands and much more and then finally I reached the prison were Thetra was held. I had to get her out. With my magic, I took down the jail bars broke the handcuffs and told her Shimmer sent me to break you free.

At last all I had to do was go on a journey home with Thetra

“I am too weak to go back home”

“Don't worry I have a plan with my magic”

I called a magic carpet to take us home. When we got back home Shimmer was so happy to see her sister
after so long.

“I am so sorry” I tried to banish you Shimmer” Thetra sobbed

“Don't worry I now know why you tried to banish me I am so sorry”

“Me too”

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