Hallows House

The wind howled and the leaves ruffled with the chilling air breathing down each child’s neck. The children followed the boy James, slipping into the crack between the rusty gates and making their way to the front porch. “We shouldn’t do this” Gina cautiously said staring at the shabby door leading into the lifeless house. “I don’t want to go either” Chris murmured taking a step back. “Ugh fine”, James, in annoyance, turned to Kelly “I’m still doing it.” His eyes lit up and the two opened the creaking door venturing inside. Spiderwebs filled the corners and gaps with the sounds of tiny footsteps scurrying around. A single light was shining from James and Kelly’s flashlights piercing through the everlasting darkness. They were in awe at the antiques and slowly made their way further into the depths of the house. They walked into a room that gave a vibe eerier than the rest. Both James and Kelly wandered around astonished at the furniture and photos that ordained the walls. “James! Come here” Kelly called. He hurried over to her position to find her clutching onto a photograph. “That’s cool!”
“And creepy…. let’s show them!” the two headed back excitedly to the entrance.

Outside, Gina and Chris continued shivering at the weather’s bitter mood when the sounds of the gate eerily creaked open. Their eyes cautiously scanned the area and found the gate opened slightly. “Who goes there?!” Chris shouted but only the wind's voice answered. “Strange” murmured Gina.
“Hello there” the two gave a shrill scream turning around to find a tall man in a black suit.
“You are?”
“Oh yes, I’m Hudson” he replied with a gentlemanly bow. Chris questioned why he was there with raised eyebrows at the strange fellow. Hudson looked stunned at the suspicion placed upon him and replied with the exact same question but directed at them. They glanced at one another unsure of how to answer. He gave out a loud chuckle “I’m the owner of this estate and no one is supposed to be here, but for this once I'll allow it. Farewell.” He proceeded across the lawn to the gate and opened it slightly. “Don’t stay too late!” he called out
“We won’t!” the children replied with a bright smile. With those words, Hudson disappeared out of the gates. They heard the sounds of footsteps approaching them and eventually James and Kelly appeared out of breath. They shoved a photograph into their faces excited. “Hey look, it’s Hallow! Cool right” Kelly exclaimed. They peered at the photo being pushed into their faces and as they saw it they went frozen in shock. “The man we saw was this guy” Chris muttered in disbelief. A chill ran up all four of their spines, “Hello there” a voice behind them whispered. The four children gave loud shriek racing out of the estate and never returning to Hallows house.


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