Temple Of Doom

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition

On one normal day, a normal guy, named Indianna Jones, he loved adventures. He had a best friend that had the same interests as Indianna Jones. They were famous, intelligent, strong, athletic and flexible and they lived in Jamaica. Indianna Jones is 43 years old. Indianna Jones' friend's name was Jack. Jack's age is 23.
THE MISSION BEGINS... Here we are at the Temple of Doom in Doom Forest.
'You can stay here and guard while I go in to find the treasure, Ok?' 'What treasure?'
'The Treasure of Doom Forest of course!' said Indianna Jones. 'After! get the t,t...' Jack started to say,
'What? What? We get the treasure, then we give it to the President of the Castle. If the tourists come, you can distract them long enough, while I get the treasure...Ok?'
'Ok', Jack agreed. 'Let's go!'
Later on... 'Where is that treasure?' When Indianna Jones turned the corner at last, he walked to it the room and it started to rumble! The walls were coming forward and the roof was coming down and spikes were coming out of the walls and roof!
He was in a death trap! He used his whip and he found a hole in the wall.
It was very high, he used his whip and threw it through the hole. He climbed it.
He got through the hole just in time! He got down, just then he heard a rumble!
He ran outside! He saw the Samurai people, he said to Jack 'I got the treasure! Let's go!'
They ran! The Samurai were chasing them! They ran faster! When they made it to the Jamaica Temple, they ran up to the President.
'We found the most evil gang in the world!' They said,
'We have been expecting you' Then he shot Indianna Jones with a poison dart. They also had the antidote.
He said, 'Give me the antidote!'
'NO!' he shouted. Then Jack found a gun and he shot the boss and the henchmen and he got the antidote. He gave it to Indianna Jones and he thanked him. He drank it, then untied the President.
Everyone lived happily... until the NEXT series...


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