Netball Is #1

Emma and Milly are twins.They both play netball for their school KRB. This morning Emma and Milly are on their way to Heffron park. They are playing against Bondi today.They have heard that Bondi are hard to beat but they think it will be a great challenge.

In the first quarter Milly is centre and Emma is goal shooter. The game is going well, Emma has the ball and is about to pass to Milly when a girl from the other team pushed her over and she rolled her ankle badly. She was rushed to hospital. One hour later the twins are told that Milly needs surgery and there is no way she can play in the grand final. Emma would have to play netball without her sister.

It is the day of the grand final netball game and also the day for Milly's ankle surgery. Emma is wondering if Milly would ever be able to play Netball again. In the first half they scored 20 points and in the second half they scored 15 points easily win the game. Emma and her dad rush home to see Milly. When Emma get there her sisters ankle is in a thick cast but after a couple of weeks she will be ready to play netball again. Emma and Milly are so happy. The netball team came over to see Milly and have a end of netball celebration.