The Soldiers perspective
The gun’s song rang through the air so loudly a normal human would have covered their ears. But we are not normal. We have gotten used to the crack of the bullets, though we can never get use to the dead bodies on the battlefield. We are super humans compared to the ones who cower. The enemy who started this mess is the traitor to the world. The ones who have fallen before us we mourn. We will serve our country through the hard times and hopefully, if should death take us, we will be returned to our loved ones. The poppies grow on the graves of the buried, a natural beauty in the death zone called war.

The Family’s perspective
The bombs rain over our heads, landing on our houses and blowing them to smithereens while we hide in the bomb shelter praying for our loved ones to return. The sound of the bullets rain ahead claiming their victims. Tomorrow, if the bombs stop, we will gather scraps of food from our broken houses and the remains of our crops. But tonight we wait, we have faith in our loved ones and faith can move mountains.

Nurse’s perspective
We cannot help everyone but we will try our hardest. The wounds are deep and caked with blood. Every day some legless or armless solders will be carried in on a stretcher into our care. We are always frightened but we never give up on our country, our families and our friends. So brave are the men marching out with pride and so lucky the men who will return home alive. So courageous were the men who fought and died for us. But as we come here today at Flanders Field to bury them, Lest We Forget.

Enemy’s perspective
We DESERVE what we want and we will do whatever it takes to gain it. We will scorch the Earth with their blood and we will not take any prisoners. Soon we will have pranced over their dead country and claimed it as our own. Cower and run they will but they cannot escape us. Our anger drives us forward into the bloody battle field as we shoot, reload and shout our countries name loud and clear. It gives us strength, it gives us courage. We will be famous across the land. We will rule, build armies and conquer the world.


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