Laser Eyes

I, Laser Eyes, tripped over the diamond the size of a dog. I took the diamond home. My nemesis is called Ice Mice. The school was on fire. The diamond turned into my arch nemesis Ice Man. It started the battle. I, Laser Girl, lasered him. After the battle finished, I had a party with my friends - Super Friends! We had cake and party decorations until all of my friend’s arch nemesisis came to fight all of us. We had to win. We defeated all of our arch nemesis. We took a vacation.
At the beach, we had another party. At Huon’s birthday, there were lots of people there for the cake to eat. We got to swim with my swimmers on. There were lots of decorations and lots to do.
But every person’s arch nemesis came to fight all of us. Even the teacher’s arch nemesis came to fight with us. We had to win. We did.

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