Karma The Llama

"Pleeease Mum, I really want a pet,” begged Tony. But his mum just wouldn't let him! "Hmm, I'm going outside to calm down.” "Wait, what's that over there?" Tony said after hearing a noise coming from behind a bush. Tony walked towards the noise and jumped over the bushes. There was a baby llama stuck in a hole.
"Hi, I'm Tony. I am 8 years old. I already have a dog named Harry, but I really want a whole zoo of pets, but my mum just won't let me. I have asked her 50 times, she still will not let me. I have to go to school now. I know you can't speak, so I will call you Karma the Llama.” Then Tony put Karma in his school bag and went to school.
Later that day, Tony set up a secret home for Karma. Tony really didn't want his mum to find out. In the middle of the night, Karma was kidnapped by Bug and Grug. They are bad guys. They put Karma in their rusty old car. All of a sudden, Tony's dog barked at Bug and Grug as they drove away and Bug's dog snarled at Karma. Tony said, "Where is Karma?" Tony went crazy, but he still had to go to school because his mum didn't know about Karma. He walked to school and when he arrived, he was feeling really sad. But Tony will never find out where Karma is, he was in a cage. Tony thought he'd never see Karma again, what could he do?
Well, Bug and Grug were setting up a big grey pot. Karma knew he was going to be boiled in that pot, so as fast as he could, he picked the lock. He ran faster than Usain Bolt and he ended up kind of lost. He stopped running, but saw a flash light. It was Bug! Karma ran quicker and quicker and then tripped and fell on a pebble. He got back up and kept on running as fast as he could. "Come on Grug, hurry up! The llama is getting away. I am so mad at you Grug!” Bug yelled angrily at Grug. "Why did you let him go?” said Bug.
Karma slowly walked away and stopped at a big school. It was Tony's school. It was recess and Tony saw Karma at the gate and was so excited!
He walked over without anyone seeing him and gave Karma a big hug. Tony snuck out of school with Karma and they headed home. On their way, they saw Bug and Grug's hide out. Tony called the Police and Bug and Grug were arrested. Tony's mum found out that he had Karma and she was happy to keep him.


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