The bush is mysterious
I can’t help but to be curious
Trees all around
All I can hear is birds sounds
Sticks crumbling
Stones tumbling
With my feet walking
And with the birds talking

A little stream running by
On the ground I lie
Looking up to the sky
With the ground dry
I have a little nap
Then waking up to see crap
Right next to me
Then I see
A koala right up in a gumtree
Right in front of me

I keep walking
With the trees talking
The stream turned into a river
Then I quiver
It is getting cold
Must get home by six I have been told
With the sun setting
I will get home before the sun I am betting

Then I stop
My jaw drops
Oh stupid man
They think they can do whatever they can
Destroy animal’s homes
Everywhere we roam
Trees down
On the ground
When will we learn
We have to be concerned
We will never get it back
The air we will lack

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